2016 UN World Interfaith Harmony Week: Tuesday


2016 UN World Interfaith Harmony Week: Tuesday

Photo: Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul, Turkey. The interviewee reflects on his years of living as an American in Turkey, with a focus on the cultural dimension.

Day: Tuesday February 2, 2016

Focus location: Turkey

Focus person / Interviewee: Jerry Rees

Format: Interview with video


On Tuesday February 2, 2016, Pr Laurent Cleenenewerck (IFC, EUCLID) interviewed Jerry Rees on his experience living in Turkey. They discuss intercultural respect and Jerry’s own spiritual journey. The interview took place at St Innocent Orthodox Church in Eureka, on the eve of the major UN World Interfaith Harmony Week event which featured a public lecture and the publication of a breakthrough academic paper entitled “Finding Common Words.”



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