Online Degrees in Interfaith Studies

Online Degrees in Interfaith Studies

EUCLID (Euclid University) is the parent institution of the International Institute for Inter-Religious Diplomacy, in accordance with EUCLID’s intergovernmental statutes, as registered with and published by the United Nations Secretariat under Article 102 of the UN Charter.

It all began in 2004/2005 with the launch of IOSD as an international non-governmental organization under the dynamic leadership of a then young Pakistani businessman with a passion for Africa, islamic economics and international affairs. Syed Zahid Ali, as President of IOSD in its NGO form, took on almost by accident a project that had the same overarching vision: sustainable development (SD). That project was called “Euclid” and it has begun in Washington DC in June 2004 at one of the many meetings of the OIC/ICCI region where Mr Zahid Ali was known and active.

Soon after, IOSD agreed to become the umbrella organization and administrator for a small group of universities eager to teach and promote sustainable development, notably the University of Bangui which was led by the dynamic and bright (holding two PhD in mathematics is convincing enough) Faustin Touadera. Little did we know at IOSD that the rector of the University of Bangui would soon after become the Prime Minister of his country and staunch supporter of the IOSD-Euclid vision. In 2006/2007, IOSD signed agreement with 3 universities (University of Bangui, University of N’Djamena, and Universite Libre/Francophone Internationale in Brussels) and began looking for volunteers to bring the “Euclid” vision to life. This vision was also embraced by the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry because both Chad and the Central African Republic were OIC member or observer States. Two distance learning programs were developed with a solidly international support team: a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development, and a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Affairs.


Then, signing a headquarters state with the new institution was the next essential step. As EUCLID’s roots in Bangui continued to flourish, EUCLID was given space at the Center for Multimedia Resources, and the former rector now Prime Minister gave his full support not only to the Central African Republic joining EUCLID (which he personally signed) but also becoming the headquarters host. Finally, EUCLID completed the last step for any international organization having completed all the required processes, but formally signing a headquarters agreement in March 2011. However, starting in December 2012, the security situation in Bangui (and the entire country) greatly deteriorated. By mid-2013, it was clear that EUCLID needed to relocate its operational headquarters to another Participating States to ensure continuity and credibility. Thankfully, the Gambia was keen to offer its support, leading to the signature of EUCLID’s second headquarters agreement in August 2013. Both headquarters agreement apply to IOSD as well as EUCLID, EUCLID being the institution having international legal personality and therefore able to sign agreements with sovereign states…


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