3IRD – the International Institute for Inter-religious Diplomacy

“3IRD” is EUCLID’s code name for its International Institute for Inter-religious Diplomacy. This institute was specified to be established as an “affiliated institute” in EUCLID’s Statutes, Section X. The Institute exists to provide a conduit for EUCLID’s academic and civil activities in the area of interfaith studies. The activities include:

  • participation in the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week
  • support to Mayors and Cities for Interfaith Harmony
  • research and publications related to interfaith studies
  • curriculum development
  • coordination and communication for EUCLID’s online master in interfaith research and diplomacy (EUCLID also offers an online PhD in interfaith research and diplomacy).

3IRD operations are conducted from EUCLID’s HQ office in The Gambia but also in Bangui (Central African Republic), owing to the special needs of this country in the realm of interfaith reconciliation and finally also through EUCLID’s Washington DC office and Special Representative in New York.